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Google & Social Media Ad Management

On social media and search engines, it is possible to reach the right audience with appropriate budgets with digital ads. We determine the most suitable options in line with your needs, we provide maximum profit with optimum cost.
When it comes to the search engine, the first thing that comes to mind worldwide is Google. Google is the first address we consult when there is something in our minds or when we are curious about an address. The main purpose of the ads is undoubtedly to increase the awareness of the business, to gain customers and accordingly to increase revenues. Along with the digitalized world, advertising platforms have shifted from the mass media such as television, radio and newspaper to the internet world. It is precisely at this point that the address of correct advertising is Google, which we apply for every search. 98% of internet users in our country prefer Google. Services provided by Google for the advertising world;
Google AdWords Search Ads (SNDS) allows you to quickly climb to the top without waiting for the completion of SEO work.
The Google Display Network (GDN: Google Display Network) allows you to deliver your visual ads to 98% of internet users in our country.
Youtube Video Ads (Trueview) offers content to hundreds of thousands of people every day while at the same time giving you the ability to watch your ad.
Google Remarketing (Re-Marketing) ensures that people who have previously visited your site can reach you again.
G-mail Ads (GSP: Gmail Sponsored Promotions) provides the opportunity to provide information about your services and products on the screen that tens of thousands of people enter to read their e-mails every day.
In addition to Google advertising products, other platforms that we can use in terms of digital advertising; They are platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, Linkedin.
You can get service from us to use the advertising services of both the google advertising products and social media platforms correctly and to evaluate your budget efficiently. Ads that are not properly planned can cause serious material damage. Before planning your ads, the region where you operate, the demographic groups addressed by your services and products, the hours you want to reach the customer, etc. Your ads are planned after analysis according to many criteria such as. These analyzes are made according to the reports received according to Google Analytic tools.
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  • Gebizli Mh. 1110 Sk. Kuleli Sitesi A Blok No:15/2 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
  • +90 (850) 220 13 44
  • info@ccoft.com

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