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Web Desing


The activities in our daily life and the commercial activities of the companies interact with the digital world.

Every person and institution has an identity in the internet world that brings all the information needed in a click away. The importance of digital identities emerging at this point is increasing day by day.

The reputation of your digital identity adds value to individuals, institutions and brands. Valued brands always make more profit.

The days when it is preferred to have a business in the busiest street of the most crowded area of ​​the city are now the days when the search engines are preferred.

The reason for an enterprise selling from within a warehouse to sell more than the stores in flashy shopping malls is again a well-managed digital reputation.

Our Digital Reputation Management service consists of two types of service groups, main and complementary. The main services are the services we provide to create a proper digital identity before your digital reputation. Complementary services consist of services provided to produce the right content and advertise to the digital world.

Web design comes first among our main services. The website means your digital card in the digital world. In real life, you can not make any transactions without your identity card or do not make any transactions in the digital world without a website.

Our team of professional software engineers analyze the content of the industry you serve, determine your needs and prepare the design that will represent you best, using the most up-to-date technologies, not the ready-made codes. Your website is developed in accordance with the rules that will make it appear in the top ranks in the search engines and mobile compatible.

As in every sector, there are people or companies that say the same job much cheaper in the web design industry. The important thing is why you need the website and it creates added value for you when you buy this service. This added value can be a quality understanding that can be created with a unique design, or it can be provided through the software infrastructure that will make you stand out from your competitors in search engines.

First of all, the website is a software project. It does not seem possible to obtain efficiency from projects developed on a limited draft by using Word Press and similar tools created to enable those who do not know the software to do web design.

General features that should be on a website that will add value to you;

  • It should have a professional design and code structure. Having a technology preferred by many institutions such as ASP.NET technology will add value.
  • The design should be unique and original to you.
  • Must have responsive design technology compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • The most preferred intermediate engine in the world should be developed according to the ranking criteria published by Google.
  • It should publish with an SSL certificate.
  • It should be hosted on special servers allocated to the company you serve, not on the vendor servers hosting thousands of websites.
  • It should have CMS, ie content management system, that can be easily used by authorized users.
  • Gebizli Mh. 1110 Sk. Kuleli Sitesi A Blok No:15/2 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
  • +90 (850) 220 13 44
  • info@ccoft.com

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