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Law Office Management Portal | ccofthukuk.com

ccofthukuk.com is a cloud-based software solution designed by lawyers and developed by Ccoft Software Solutions. Cloud technology, which is used in every field of technological product range with its development in recent years, makes software and users more flexible. Desktop software running on the local computer causes problems in the use of the team and in every place. Cloud-based technologies, developed as a solution to these problems, provide time, speed and mobility.

ccofthukuk.com Advantages

  • Platform Independent: ccofthukuk.com is a fully web-based software solution, allowing you to access any desktop or mobile platform.
  • Cloud Technology: Since ccofthukuk.com will keep all your data on cloud servers, your corporate memory is not affected by hardware failures and personnel changes.
  • Pay As You Go: ccofthukuk.com does not bring you new investment cost with extra hardware cost, you pay as much as you use.
  • Free Maintenance & Support: If you request any changes on ccofthukuk.com, automatic updating will be done online, so there is no service and maintenance costs and you will be resolved quickly.
  • Data Security: ccofthukuk.com gives you time and transparency for teamwork, while providing you with detailed authorization definitions to take your privacy measures.

ccofthukuk.com Features

  • Work Follow: ccofthukuk.com is an integrated software product that can respond to all requests from A to Z of a law office that works as a singular or team.
  • Front Office: You can add, edit and access all the details about your clients at any time.
  • Pre-Accounting: You can make relational current transactions between the main cash account, employee accounts and client accounts.
  • Cost Monitoring: You can add income or income to client accounts, upload documents related to account transactions to the system and prepare account transactions report with one touch.
  • Cost Management: By specifying the authorization for cost claims, you can ensure that unauthorized user-entered costs are reviewed and processed after approval by the authorized user.
  • Consulting Module: You can add, edit, and access the services provided within the scope of consultancy files and consultancy services, and provide the services you provide to your clients as reports.
  • Case And Execution Module: You can define your case and execution files in the system with all the details and follow all the processes (hearing, meeting, discovery, examination, expression) live way.
  • Document Management: You can upload documents from your clients to cloud servers and access them at any time.
  • Team Work: You can authorize users to access processes, clients or files.
  • Event Management: You can define events and tasks and assing them to users.
  • Task Identification: You can review all job descriptions on calendar integration and send an information e-mail.
  • Archieve Management: You can easiliy manage your archive by making physical archive definitons for your files.
  • Personal Definitions: You can define the courts, file states and file processes to your own processes.
  • Gebizli Mh. 1110 Sk. Kuleli Sitesi A Blok No:15/2 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
  • +90 (850) 220 13 44
  • info@ccoft.com

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