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Web tasarımı üç şey olmalıdır: insan merkezli, zorlayıcı ve geleceğe dönük.

Web tasarımı ve geliştirme, pazarlama ve markalama alanlarında küresel yeteneklere sahip eksiksiz bir dijital ajans. İnsan merkezli ve geleceğe dönük dijital deneyimler yaratıyoruz.

Big ccoft olarak, sadece başka bir web tasarım şirketi olmaya inanmıyoruz. Web sitenizin, çevrimiçi varlığınızın tonunu belirleyen markanızın hikayesinin doğal uzantısı olduğuna inanıyoruz. Harika web tasarımı, statik üç sütun düzeni arasındaki sınırları zorluyor ve kullanıcılara sürükleyici bir dijital deneyim sunuyor. Büyük tasarım bir boşlukta yaratılmaz. Tasarımcılarımız kendilerini sektörünüze ve marka estetiğinize kaptırmak için derinlere dalıyorlar. İşbirliği sürecimiz sizi ve ekibinizi her adımda içerir ve yeni sitenizin sizi ve işletmenizi gerçekten temsil eden ve hedeflerinize ulaşan bir şey olmasını sağlar.  

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Ccoft Software & Web Design Solutions

Let's Think Together! Design the I! We should develop! Let's Find Solutions for All Your Digital Needs!

Ccoft E-Commerce Solutions

Open Your Virtual Store Immediately From Our Online Payment System Integrated Packages and Start Selling!

Geographic information system

We Develop Alternative Software to Manage Your Location Based Data

Desktop, Mobile and Web Based Solutions Developed According to Sectoral Needs

Increase your turnover and reputation while saving time and manpower

Easily Track Your Business Processes

Manage your data, analysis, reporting, budgeting and customer relationships with Business Analytics solutions

Why U.S

Ccoft Software and Web Design Solutions are not companies that try to adapt ready projects to your needs.
It is a real software company that has the ability to develop new projects to meet your real needs.
Adding value to our customers is our main goal. We do not limit your project not only to requests from you, but we also enrich your projects with the gains from other customers.

Ccoft Software Development Cycle

Ccoft Software and Web Design Solutions Produce Solutions In Accordance With ISO 12207 Standard For Your Individual and Institutional Digital Needs With A Team Of Experted Engineers In Its Field.


Software Analysis

Requirements Analysis and Identification: By listening to your demands, we determine the solutions that will provide maximum profit with our experience from our customers operating in different sectors.


Software development

Design, Coding and Testing : We develop our services that will meet your needs, using the most up-to-date technologies, with an agile approach, reducing your business to the easiest by offering you flexible solutions.


Education and Support

Installation, Maintenance and Support : After completing our development processes, we give you the necessary user training, prepare the documents and support you a click away at the moment of use.

Sustainable, useful, web design service.

Professional Web Design

Our team of professional software engineers analyzes the content of the industry you serve,
determines your needs, and prepares you for the best design by using the most up-to-date technologies, not using ready-made codes.
Your website is developed in accordance with the rules that enable it to appear high in search engines and mobile.

Software Solutions

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Ccoft Software & Web Design Solutions

Think Together! Design develop!




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Ccoft Industrial Software Solutions, with the experience of an organization that has successfully completed many projects
in the national and international arena in the fields of industrial software and electrical distribution infrastructure project since 1993, in order to produce alternative solutions in different sectors in the changing and developing digital world. Kulelihan İnş. Singing. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. It was established under the roof.

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As Ccoft Software & Web Design Solutions;
We prepare the most suitable web designs for you.
We provide your website's accessibility from google search engines.
By producing up-to-date content, we are developing professional web designs that are loved by google by combining graphics, software codes and texts promoting people and institutions of your website, their products, brands and services.
We provide services to every point of our country, especially Antalya, where our office is located, and to 5 different countries around the world.
We know that the web design service is not a product obtained by filling out the drafts, it should be developed as a software project and we carry out our studies accordingly. Banks, government agencies, etc. we use ASP.NET technology used in corporate solutions.
We take care to use completely mobile compatible, simple, stylish and understandable web designs.
We follow the updates of the ranking algorithms created by the search engines for the websites and develop your web designs according to these algorithms.
We know that saying web design is much more than creating a website that opens when the link is written in the address bar. We serve the best who know this and want quality service.
We host your websites on dealer servers, not on vendor servers where dozens of websites are hosted. Thus, we keep all traffic on the address served by your website under our control.
Looking for Professional Approach, Quality and Service?